Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Find Feeding Trial Info for Dogs and Cats

When you look at the labels with the nutritional adequacy statement should be a statement that indicates how the adequacy statement was substantiated. Through feeding trials and formulation to meet a nutrient profile. Foods that have undergone feeding trials are best. This indicates that the food has actually been fed to living dogs and cats to make sure that they were willing to eat the food but remained healthy while eating it.The bottom line is we want our pets to stay healthy and live a long life.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Garlic For Dog Health

.This is an old fashion remedy to keep dogs from having worms and gets rid of worms that are there.. Keeps fleas and ticks off dogs by getting into the dog's system and creating a garlic odor that fleas and ticks detect and avoid the dog.

Don't worry, your dog won't smell like garlic. Humans can't detect the garlic odor on the dog but the insects sure will reduces a dog's cholesterol level for good heart function.

Garlic Juice is easiest way to give garlic to your dog, here's how most kennels and dog owners do it:
  pour garlic into the dog's food, mix well into the food.

Here's the  daily dosage:

5-20 lb. dogs -  1/4 ounce in food daily.
21-50 lb. dogs - 1/2ounce in food and mix well.
51 lbs. dogs -     3/4ounce into food and mix well.
The easiest way is to break down the amount of garlic and mix with water and spray his food

Some  reason your dog will not eat food with the garlic juice in it, mix the garlic
juice with soybean oil is available in the cooking oil section at your supermarket and mix
into food - this also helps make a very nice coat on the dog.

Say goodbye to flea collars! Mother Nature has provided a safe and all-natural
alternative -  fresh garlic juice!
Hope this helps this winter,nothing worse than fleas.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Daily Exercise For Your Dog In Winter

The key to good exercise is to work the dogs heart a fair amount so that the dog can reach a good pant. This is the dog's reaction to body heat. This a good indication that they are working hard. If you work the dog to hard you will hear a harsh wheezing . Be sure to give your dog some rest, especially dealing with older dogs and provide lots of water when done . This is a guide based on my experiences with dogs. Pet mileage may very and suggestions are welcome. Playing with your dog is beneficial for the mind and body of your pet. Daily exercise is required for your pet and more than once in a day.